In this video, Tim uses his tissue tape to make a spiral flower.

You will need :

  • a circle punch
  • a scrap piece of card
  • a center for the flower – bling, button etc
  • and tissue tape


  • punch a circle out of the scrap card-stock to use as a base
  • starting from the outside, stick the tissue tape with small pleats, around the outside of the circle
  • continue with a second and third circle on the inside of the first
  • add your center – if it is a button with a stem, you can cut this off first
  • if any of your tape isn’t sticking you can stick with glue – Tim uses his glue gun but i also love Helmar 450 – it’s my go to glue for any situation ;-)

This is a new take on the spiral flower, and using tape does make it a lot easier and quicker because you don’t have to wrangle glue or a glue gun while making the flower.

Click on this link to see lots more flower tutorials.

Have you got a flower making tutorial – put a link in the comments below.


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