In this video, Tania from psychomoms demonstrates 2 more flowers you can make with Tim Holtz’s pinecone die – a fuller/larger rose and a poppy.

Pointers for the poppy:

  • Tania uses a snowflake die for the centre of the flower. i don’t have one of these so used the smallest flower on his tattered flowers die, which i think worked just as well. Then i remembered i had an old snowflake punch and this was great as well.
  • You need to cut 4 snowflakes for each centre and 1 pinecone for the outside petals
  • mould them with a mat and round ended tool.
  • A mouse pad or a foam cooler (the ones you use on your cans of drink) work well if you don’t have a special mat for flowers. I ended up using the palm of my hand as i could adjust the pressure needed.
  • Tania uses a gel pen for the round ended tool – so anything with a rounded end will work (sharpie, fabric unpicker etc)
  • most important when joining layers of flowers is to off-set the petal
  • Tania used a glue gun but 450 is a quick drying glue which is also great to use when making flowers
  • i also found these centres made great buds to use with the full poppies
  • add depth with a blending tool on the ends of the petals (snow flake and pinecone die cuts)
  • to help the flowers sit on your page push down on the outside gently after the centre has been added to give it a flat bottom

Pointers for the full rose:

  • you need 2 pinecone die cuts¬†with the tips of the petals darkened slightly with ink and a blending tool
  • spray both with a glitter mist (glimmermist, perfect pearls etc) to add dimension and help with moulding
  • make the inner petals the same as Tim Holtz demonstrates
  • use a wooden skewer to curl all of the petals
  • use the same technique as with the poppy, to form a bowl – this will be the outer petals of the rose
  • adhere the inner petals to the outer petals
  • spend some time at the end to adjust petals until you are happy with the result

I think the secret to altering flowers is in how you mould the petals, and this video gives some great tips which you can take away and use on other dies and punches you have also. Click on the link to see more about tips for making flowers and  making your own flowers.


Kaye xoxo

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