If you’ve seen perfect pearls or actually have some at home, Tim is going to show you some very cool techniques for using them on your projects.

Points about perfect pearls:

  • perfect pearls can be bought separately or in a 4 pack with 2 brushes and a pad of perfect medium
  • perfect pearls are a mica based pigment powder with a built-in binder – which means they will adhere to a surface with moisture
  • perfect medium is a clear medium which you can use for embossing, as a resist and to adhere perfect pearls
  • perfect pearls can be combined with distress ink and water in a mini mister to make your own glimmer spray


  • firstly Tim used a wrinkle free distress technique to make a light background for the tag – wipe the ink pad on the non-stick craft mat (use can also use multiple colours in this technique) then spray the colour with water until little beads of colour form, then dab your tag in the ink until you get the effect you want. You can dry your tag and apply another layer etc until you are happy with the result
  • ensure the background is completely dry (as the perfect pearls will adhere to any moisture)
  • he then stamps an image with distress ink – great for this technique as it stays wet for a little longer so you have time to apply the perfect pearls or embossing powder etc
  • to open your perfect pearls, make sure the container is the right way up and tap it twice to settle the powder
  • using the small brush (dry) pick up some perfect pearls and start painting it onto the stamped image. The perfect pearls will adhere to the wet ink
  • then use the larger brush to dust off any left over powder
  • the perfect pearls is now set but the distress ink is water reactive, so Tim sprays  the image with a mini mister and this causes the colour from underneath to start wicking out – when you are happy with the image you can then dry it with a heat tool
  • Tim then stamps on this background and completes the tag with some distress ink and a blending tool
  • he then shows you some other combinations of colours he has used with this technique

I love this effect, you get the glimmer but the wicking gives it the distressed edge to the stamp. You can click on this link to see other scrapbooking techniques.


Kaye xoxo

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