This is a short Tim Holtz video on using his embossing folders – texture fades – with distress inks, and a neat tip for using tags in the embossing folders.


Tim’s tip for using tags in texture fades is to cut a slit (with a craft knife and cutting mat) the size of the tag in the fold of the embossing folder. There is still enough space on each side of the slit to keep the folder together, but allows the top of the tag to poke through the top – this is handy for folders that are directional e.g. trees.

For the first technique:

  • Tim uses his woodgrain texture fade with distress ink on the inside front or larger side, but this technique will work with either side and just give a different effect.
  • rub distress ink on the front side trying not to get ink into the recesses
  • distress ink works well with this technique as it stays wetter for longer
  • He then slides in his tag, lining up the bottom of the tag with the bottom of the texture fade.
  • Put the texture fade through a dry embossing machine e.g. big shot or cuttlebug
  • this results in the ink being pressed down into the texture, so creates the shadow in the woodgrain

The second technique:

  • this involves using a stamp with the embossing folder – this technique will work with any folders that have space on the folder that doesn’t have the embossing pattern
  • when selection a stamp, ensure it doesn’t have writing or numbers because when using this technique the tag will actually have the reverse of the stamp – Tim designed his reflections series of stamps, so you could have words and numbers that could be used in this technique
  • stamp the design on the inside of the front side of the texture fade
  • insert the tag and line up the bottom of the tag with the bottom of the embossing folder
  • run through the dry embossing machine
  • this gives the impression that the embossed image is in front of the stamped images.

If you’d like to see more videos on scrapbooking techniques, please click on the link.


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