Tim’s custom stamp pad is a great technique when you need to stamp multiple images – not only will you get about 30 images before needing to re-ink but you can have multiple colours. This would be great for Christmas (as Tim demonstrates) but also great for any project where you have to reproduce a stamped image i.e. invitations, wedding stationery, programs etc.

This video is a bit dodgy on the quality side of things, but the info is pure gold.

You will need:

  • stamp pad felt
  • a stamp
  • a permanent stamp pad
  • a solvent to clean your stamp
  • water colour re-inkers
  • water brush or paint brush
  • paper i.e. gloss paper, specialty stamping paper, watercolour paper etc


  • stamp your image on the felt with a black permanent ink (make sure it is nice and juicy as the felt will really soak up the ink). Now draw around the stamp before you lift it off, if your stamp is a wood mount (if you are using a cling mount you don’t need to do this step as you should be able to see through the acrylic block to line up your stamp).
  • clean your stamp
  • cut out the felt to the same size as the stamp if you are using a wood mounted- this will ensure your stamp has the correct colours in the right spot every time.
  • colour in the image (anywhere that is black needs to be covered) with the water-based re-inkers e.g. distress inks
  • using your new ink pad, line up the cling mount with the stamped image or the cut out felt if you are using a wood mount stamp and press down
  • start stamping your project
  • you can then take your water brush and start adding some shadow by picking up ink from the stamped image


  • once you create a custom stamp pad, it will last as long as it is stored in an airtight container e.g. a zip lock bag
  • stamp and image to tape to the outside of the bag – so you remember the stam and the colours you’ve used
  • you can use this technique with water or oil based dyes (alcohol or solvent based dyes will evaporate)


I hope you enjoyed this video – i can’t wait to try it but it is difficult to get cut and dry felt in my area. Let me know if you have given it a go and how it turned out. Check out this link for more videos on stamping.


K xoxo

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