Hey There, and welcome to a great series of videos from 2 Peas In A Bucket and Jennifer McGuire called ‘Thinking Inking’. If you like what you see, you can click on the link to take you to the rest of the series. In this video, Jennifer demonstrates how to use muliple colours of embossing powders to add dimension and how to change the colour of embellishments you already have to match your layout.

You will need:

  • different colour embossing powders to match your layout or card
  • embossing ink
  • heat tool
  • embellishments

Multi-colour embossing:

  • ink up your stamp with embossing ink
  • sprinkle parts of the image with the first colour powder and tap
  • sprinkle other parts with the next colour and tap
  • continue until the whole image is completely covered with embossing powder
  • use your finger or a paint brush to remove any extra embossing powder that is left on your cardstock
  • heat until the embossing powder melts – areas where the powders met will melt together to blend the colours
  • Jennifer uses a stamp with leaves and this multi-colour technique really adds interest and depth to the image
  • that antiquities embossing powder is pretty special also – made up of a mixture of colours to give an aged, matte and textured finish
  • she also suggests using just a small amout of white on the side of an image to give a highlight effect

Embossing embellishments:

  • Jennifer uses embossing ink and powder to alter the colour of other embellishments that she wants to match to this page e.g. buttons, metal, chipboard, wood
  • for this technique she uses plies to hold the embellishments as they are too heavy for a paper handle
  • you may also need more than one coat to completely cover the item


Heaps of techniques in this video, so click on the link to open the PDF from 2 Peas in a Bucket. You can also click on the next link to see other videos from this series – Thinking Inking.


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