Hi and welcome to Week 2 Part 1 of the 9 week series on Thinking Inking by Jennifer McGuire and 2 Peas in a Bucket – using embossing powders without stamps.

You will need:

  • small stamp (for the centre of a flower)
  • embossing ink
  • white embossing powder
  • clear UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel)
  • small punched image
  • scrap cardstock for centres and for making handles

Faux Wax Seals:

  • attach the handle to your punched circle and cover the front with embossing ink
  • spoon over the embossing powder
  • heat with a heat tool until melted
  • quickly spoon over the next layer of embossing powder while the first layer is still hot
  • if it cools you can just heat again with a heat tool or if you prefer you can just press the circle into embossing ink again
  • continue until you have an even coverage (Jennifer did 6 layers)
  • ink up the stamp with embossing ink
  • press the stamp into the centre while the embossing is still hot and let it cool
  • then remove the stamp
  • you can use any colour – red for a real seal look, silver gives a metallic look
  • this technique also looks great if you use a coloured ink when stamping – one that i use a lot is grungeboard covered with clear and stamp a music stamp over it with black ink


  • heat emboss a background stamp onto coloured card with white embossing powder
  • use a blending tool and distress ink on the edge to really make the white embossing stand out – this happens as the embossing resists the distress ink

Faux Epoxy

  • this technique uses UTEE – which just means the the embossing powder is much coarser and is better for covering larger areas more quickly.
  • start out with a punched image and attach a handle
  • cover with embossing ink and sprinkle with UTEE – have a folded piece of paper underneath to catch the excess powder and the fold makes it easy to put back in the jar
  •  do 3 or 4 layers – until completely covered and smooth
  • while the last layer was still hot, Jennifer added a button to form the centre of the flower but you could add any embellishment e.g. small flower, charm

Glossy Embellishments:

  • you can coat any embellishments with embossing ink and UTEE to give a glossy finish e.g. flowers, stickers, punched shapes i.e. butterflies
  • you can even mould the shapes as the UTEE cools i.e. the butterfly wings
  • if you have a melting pot or similar set up – you can use this with UTEE to dip embellishments i.e. small flowers, leaves


  • i love Jennifer’s idea for making a handle for the piece you are embossing – it is hard to get a good finish if you are using tweezers etc to hold it, and it’s way too hot to hold with your fingers
  • Jennifer also suggests keeping your embossing powders in a plastic tub with a spoon – this will save on wasted powder because you spoon the powder over the container so all the extra goes back into the container and also means there isn’t any cleaning up that needs to be done


Click on the link to get the PDF created by Jennifer and 2 Peas In A Bucket. You can also click on this link to see more Thinking Inking videos.


K xoxo

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