Mod Podge is a great medium to use on your canvases, mixed media projects, art journals and collages as a glue and sealer (If you wish to use it on a scrap page, just remember to get the paper Mod Podge as it is safe to have near photos etc). It is perfect for wood, fabric, paper and other porous surfaces; it dries clear and best of all it is an easy clean up with soap and water.

In this video, Linda Kaiser demonstrates 3 different uses which I can’t wait to try. The techniques involve using the Mod Podge as a glaze – firstly with Distress re-inkers, secondly with paint and lastly with glitter. The Glitter finish looks especially handy – not only does it have a lovely finish, but any product that can pull a double duty is great as it saves money and space in your craft area.

You will need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Distress Re-inkers
  • paint
  • craft sticks or skewers
  • something to mix on eg an ice cream lid etc
  • paint brushes
  • cosmetic sponge


  • add the Mod Podge to a small amount of the other medium (re-inker, paint or glitter) and mix with a craft stick
  • use the cosmetic sponge to apply the re-inker and paint glazes and apply the glitter glaze with a soft paint brush.


  • using vintage photo or walnut stain re-inkers would give a antiquing finish

Click on the link if you would like to see more scrapbooking ideas.


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