As a scrap booker, one of the things that wastes a lot of my time is trying to find all of the supplies I need for a project (and although I would never admit it, I sometimes even forget what I have squirreled away). There are some very practical storage products and units available to buy, but they can be quite expensive, especially if you have a lot of card making and scrapbooking supplies. Here are a few cheap recycling ideas to use to get those supplies under control:

Shoe Boxes

As a shoe girl, I have quite a few empty shoe boxes around and find them perfect for sorting my photos, filing backup CD of my digital photos, storing paints etc.

Glass Bottles

Think of the ones that you have in your fridge or cupboards (jam, honey, etc). You would have many different sizes perfect for your different scrapbook supplies e.g. buttons, ribbons, brads, pens, paint brushes etc. You can even decorate them and use them to decorate you scrap area or room (if you are lucky enough).


If you’re like me, I will have a tidy up every now and again and then get straight back into my scrapping, but without labeling I find I get into just as big a mess again. Since I started labeling my supplies and I have a place for everything, I am more inclined to put them back in their correct place. This also means I can find my supplies a lot easier next time I’m looking for them.

How do you organize your supplies? I’d love to hear your tips . . .

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