I am such a newbie at taking photos of my layouts and there are so many variables. Here are some articles I found and grouped in Pinterest  but I also knew I needed help with my camera – here is what I found out.

I went to see Sean (my camera guy) and he was very helpful. Some of the  things I had heard of but didn’t know the significance (white balance) and others I’d never seen before (light tent)

White Balance

  • this is a setting that tells your camera what is white in the lighting you’re using so that your colours are true. Usually this is set to auto, but it is worth doing manually when taking photos of your layouts. You will need to look this up in your camera’s instructions as they will be different for different makes (Google it, if your don’t have a manual). Below shows the difference it made changing this one setting. The photos are a before and after, inside the light tent, inside the store – so you can image what a difference this will make to helping get the true colours in your photos!

Before Setting The White Balance 


After Setting The White Balance 













UV Filter

  • this was more for the safety of your camera and lens
  • this is a filter that screws onto your lens so that if anything happens it will break the filter and not (the way more expensive) lens
  • oh, and also helps with photos outside

The Light Tent

  • this is a white tent that helps defuse or soften the light – so reduces the effects of shadows
  • it can be used inside and outside and with studio/spot lights
  • just remember to set your white balance
Light Tent DIY

Light Tent DIY—Alison Christine (Flickr.com)









Macro Lens

  • the last thing Sean suggested was a dedicated macro lens to help with close ups – but that may have to wait until Christmas (do you think Santa might bring me one if I’m really good? lol)
Hope this info will help you as much as it has helped me.
Happy snapping


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