This is a page I finished a few weeks ago. The colours haven’t shown up very well, but they are natural chipboard, blues and green.  I included 2 cool techniques in it – the use of napkins or serviettes to create a background and photo transfer on metal.

Napkins/ serviette

  • although the background looks like a printed cardstock, it is actually natural chipboard with a napkin layer. This techniques is very easy and quick to do and you can get so many different effects.
  • you can use any 3 ply napkin – this one was from Woolies
  • the glue you use is a special napkin glue normally, but for this page I used Mod Podge mixed to half strength with water and it worked perfectly
  • first step is to separate the 3 layers of the napkin. normally you use the top layer but I wanted a more subtle effect so used the middle layer.
  • place the napkin over the chipboard, and starting from the centre apply your glue on top with a brush. The glue should soak through leaving the white areas transparent when dry.
  • The great thing about this technique is that if the napkin rips, you just join it with the glue and you wont be able to see it when dry

Photo Transfer On Metal

  • the photo on this layout has been transferred onto aluminium (the inside of a pepsi max can).
  • it is very effective, as the white of the photo has this metallic sheen.
  • click on this link to see a video by Claudine Hellmuth about photo transfer on metal. A great clip that is clear and easy to follow.

Hope you have a go at these techniques. Please put a link in the comments below to show my your pages.


K xoxo

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