In this video, Claudine Hellmuth demonstrates how to transfer a photo or image onto metal. This process seams quite easy (but you may need a little practice at the rubbing back of the paper) and the effect is so special. I have used it on my layout below and it gives the photo this beautiful sheen where the white would normally be in the photo.

You need:

  • laser copied or printer photo – can be B&W or colour – high contrast photos give the best results. (I have also used ink jet but it is much harder in the rubbing back stage to get a good transfer)
  • multi-medium, gel-medium or Mod Podge – can be gloss or matte finish
  • brush
  • aluminium – roof flashing, cut down a can etc
  • water/ mister


  • take your brush and paint a thick even layer of multi-medium onto the aluminium (no need to sand the metal first)
  • put your brush straight into water as the these types of mediums are water-proof - so you won’t be able to wash it out once it dries
  • now place your photo face down into the medium and burnish gently with your fingers (from the centre out) – this is to ensure your photo has good contact with the medium and there are no air bubbles. The image transfers to the medium and we later rub away the paper, so if it isn’t in contact with the medium in a spot there will not be any image there.
  • also ensure you don’t get any medium on the back of the photo as this will be water-proof when dry and you will not be able to rub away the paper in this area
  • set aside to dry thoroughly – sunny days are a great time to do photo transfer as they dry quickly
  • spray the image with water until the paper is thoroughly wet and you will start to see the image
  • using your fingers, rub off the paper to reveal the image
  • As the image dries it may become cloudy again, this just means you need to repeat this ‘dry, then wet and then rub’ process a couple of times to remove all the paper. Better to do this a couple of times than to rub too hard and remove some of the image.
  • if you don’t have a mister, you can also do this step by wetting your finger, then rubbing the back of the image to remove the paper.


  • to get a clear image at the end, rub a little gloss multi-medium into the image and this will soak into the last of the paper fibres and dry clear – but it must be gloss
  • If there is any writing in your image, use a photo editing program to reverse your image before you print it – then it will be the right way round after you transfer it

Hope you have heaps of fun with transferring image. I love this technique and use it quite a bit but it did take me a few goes to get the technique.


Kaye xoxo



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