Photo Transfer Canvas

Photo Transfer Canvas

Thought I would share a canvas I’ve just completed. I love the photo and really wanted to do something special with it and I am so happy with how it turned out – 3 generations, my mum Daph, my daughter Jess and me.

You will need:

  • 1 canvas – I used 10″x8″
  • Gesso
  • Paint brushed
  • Claudine Hellmuth’s Multi-Medium Matte
  • Photo – i used 4″x6″ and printed on normal paper (many videos etc will say it needs to be laser print but mine was just a normal ink jet)Photo Transfer Canvas
  • Paint to match your  photo
  • Twiddleybitz ‘Iron Gate With Swirl’ (GAT008)
  • Glimmer Mist to match your photo – I used Indian Corn, Oriental Poppy, Coffee Shop and Old Lace
  • The Crafter’s Workshop stencil -6″x6″ Reverse Chicken Wire
  • Texture Paste
  • Selection of stamps for the background. I used – Tim Holtz (Curiosities, Warehouse District, Mini Muse) and LaBlanche (The Invitation of Mira)
  • Prima, (Vinetta-Nature Garden and Au Naturale-A pack) I Am Roses and other flowers I had in my stash – the important thing is to match them to your photo
  • An old hinge
  • Prima ‘Junkyard Findings – White Typo Zippers’
  • Prima Clocks – Decoative Wood Embellishments
  • Studio Calico – Chip Shapes (butterflies)
  • Bottle Cap Co. – Flatterned Bottle Cap and Epoxy Stickers
  • Lumiere (Metallic Paints) – Old Brass and Metallic Russet


  • Firstly I prepared my canvas by giving it a layer of gesso and leave to dry completely
  • Put a layer of multi-medium on your canvas where you want the photo to be – a smooth layer of medium thickness
  • Place your photo face down into the medium. Burnish the photo with your fingers so it is in full contact with the medium. Put aside to dry
  • Remove the paper from the back of the photo
    • Close-Up of Side Right Detail

      Close-Up of Side Right Detail

      if you have a sunny da,y you can do this in one sitting – with a little water, wet the paper and rub gently with your finger to remove a layer of paper. Work your way across the photo and by the time you get to the end, the start will be dry again. You can repeat until most of the paper is removed and you can see the photo when it’s dry.

    • if you don’t have sun, follow the same process but let the photo completely dry each time you rub a layer
    • the secret is to be patient, rub gentle and i have also found, that practice make perfect – this one was perfect but my first one definitely wasn’t. Persevere, it is a technique you’ll use again and again.
  • Paint the canvas – i selected a colour from the photo and then used it to paint the rest of the canvas. I graduated the colour from light at the top to dark at the bottom to blend with the photo.
  • Spray the gate with coffee shop and then attach to both sides of the canvas – I include the sides of the canvas when i work, so gate should start on the sides and then onto the top of the canvas.
  • Close-Up of Left Side Detail

    Close-Up of Left Side Detail

    Using your stencil, apply the texture paste in small areas of the canvas. Don’t forget to use the sides as well

  • Stamp background stamps
  • Colour your flowers with Indian Corn and Oriental Poppy
  • Arrange the remaining embellishments (flowers, bottle cap, butterflies, etc) until you are happy and then adhere
  • use your finger to add highlights to canvas with lumiere paints
  • Spray your canvas with old lace glimmer mist – this is my favourite and give a beautiful shimmer to your work without too much colour.
Close-up Of Embellishments

Close-up Of Embellishments


  • Photo Transfer reverses the image you use, so if there is writing in your photo - flip it so it is back the front before your start and then it will be right after the photo transfer.
  • If your photo is still a little hazy when you finished, but you don’t want to damage it by rubbing any more – finish it off with a coat of mod podge – this soaks into the fibres and they will go transparent.
  • When colouring flowers – wet them with a mister first as it helps them absorb the colour more evenly and therefore look more natural.

Hope you like the effect and will have a go. Please put your link in the comments to your photo transfers – I would love to see what you do with this technique



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