As a child and teenager, my brothers and I spent our school holidays with my grandparents. We had lots of great times with Pa and Nana both when they had their shop and after they retired. Pa was an avid photographer and in his early days developed all of this own photos. Later on I can remember having slide shows from his trips with Nana.

Pa was born in Scotland and moved here as a boy, so his family was scattered and we never got to meet most of them. After he and Nana passed away, we found suitcases full of photos that Pa had taken of himself and his family when he was younger. Not many were labeled so we have had a lot of trouble identifying people and there are lots we will never know.

There were also lots of photos of his time in the army during World War 2. Again not many were labeled so we will never know the meaning they had for him. It still upsets me today thinking of all the history we have lost as a family. As a young person I didn’t appreciate the stories and history my grandparents could share with me – the changes they must have experienced in their lives.

What I would do, and the questions I would ask if I had my time again . . . I guess that’s why I’m so determined to chronicle the stories of my family through scrapbooking.

What has inspired you to tell the stories of your family?

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