I know, I know, not another gelli plate mono-printing video lol. But mybasketofscraps has also used stencils with the gelli plate but in a different way to get a completely different effect. Very cool! And the best part it’s really quick – 2 1/2 minutes to show 3 different prints!

You will need:

  • gelli plate
  • brayer
  • stencils
  • paints
  • bubble wrap (that’s if you have any that hasn’t been all popped :-) )
  • stamps and foam stamps


  • take the plastic sheets from the top and bottom of the gelli plate and lay it on a non-porous surface
  • add a few dots of colour and brayer until completely covered – in the video mybasketofscraps uses a combo of three colours each time.
  • mybasketofscraps then uses the stamps and stencils to create collage images (not just patterns) on the gelli plate. When she uses the stencils, she lightly brayers them, so that it lifts the paint when it is removed – very cool effect.
  • place the paper face down and burnish with your hand and lift the paper off
  • clean off with a baby wipe, hand sanitizer, a mild soap and water or a mister and paper towel and your ready for next experiment!

Click on the links for gelli plate monoprinting 1 and 2 or if you’d like to see other mixed media videos.



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