This is a short video, just over 2 minutes from Gelli Arts but really packs a punch – i love how this technique turned out. It shows how to incorporate stamps and stamped images with mono-printing with your gelli plate.You will need:

  • stamps
  • ink
  • post it notes
  • gelli plate
  • brayer
  • paper
  • paints
  • mister and cloth or paper towel


  • stamp your image on a post it note – ensure you print over the edge with the sticky
  • cut out the image just inside the lines, this will be a mask for the mono-print
  • stamp a new image and cut out the mask for each image you will be using in the mono-print
  • now stamp the images on your print paper
  • cover each image with it mask
  • add paint to your gelli plate and use your brayer to cover the entire plate
  • add any patterns, stencils etc to ypur gelli plate – in this video, they also use a stamp to apply a checkerboard patter straight to the plate
  • place your print paper over the gelli plate face down and gently burnish the back with your hand to assist the paint transfer from the geli plate to the paper
  • pull up your paper
  • remove the masks to reveal the stamped images

Click on the links to see another gelli plate video or other mixed media demonstrations.


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