Here is another paper flower by ER – the great thing about her flowers is that there are never a lot of specialty equipment needed and ya gotta love that!

You will need:

  • an old book
  • water colours and /or glimmer sprays
  • tweezers or bend a paper clip for the twisting like ER
  • 3 stamens
  • glue
  • deckle and plain scissors
  • matching cardstock scrap


  • trace out 2 larger circles and 1 smaller one out of the old book pages
  • trace a larger circle out of the cardstock as well
  • cut out one of the larger circles with regular scissors
  • to form a six petal flower, fold the circle in half and half again to find the centre
  • unfold to a semi-circle shape and then fold into 3
  • holding the point and using your scissors, cut up one side and across the top and down the other side
  • repeat this step with the cardstock circle
  • for the next 2 petals (1 large and 1 small) use the deckle scissors to cut out the circle
  • fold the circles to cut the petals only this time only cut the sides of the petal leaving the deckle edge as the top of the petal – this technique gives a great tattered flower if you don’t have a Tim Holtz Die !
  • you can now use your water colours and /or glimmer sprays to colour the petals
  • once the petals are almost dry, you can use a paperclip/ pointy tweezers to twist the petals – if you want a stronger shape just twist when they are fully dry
  • repeat this step with the cardstock petals
  • when petals are all dry, layer to form your flower starting with the cardstock and ending with the smaller circle
  • poke a hole in the centre of the petals
  • fold the stamens in half and push through the hole in the centre and attach at the back with glue
  • glue each of the petals together ensuring the petals are off-set
  • arrange petals until you are happy with the shape


  • changing colours to suit your page
  • change the centre i.e. put a button or a small flower instead of the stamens

I hope you enjoyed this video and click on the link if you would like to watch some other flower making videos.


K xoxo

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