In this video, Lesley Langton demonstrates how to make inexpensive flowers using aluminium foil from your kitchen. My samples turned out a little different because I used different dies, a different colouring agent and added another step at the end to make them a little more durable, but the finished effect is stunning.


You will need:

  • alfoil/ tin foil/ aluminium foil
  • glimmer spray – Lesley uses Shimmerz Coloringz but I used Glimmer Mist
  • dies – the video uses Spellbinder’s Rose Creations and Spiral Blossoms 1 but I used Tim Holtz’s Tattered Florals
  • die cut machine.g. Bigshot, Cuttlebug, Grand Calibur
  • embossing mat


  • take a large piece of aluminium foil and fold it until you have 5 layers
  • run this through your die cut machine with your flower die
  • use the embossing mat and run the dies through your die cut machine again. This melds all the layers of foil together and gives an embossed finish
  • remove the foil from the dies
  • make up your flowers as you normally would with paper
  • glue into place and shape as you want
  • spray the flowers with glimmer spray - I needed a few layers to get the intensity of colour I was after and just used my heat gun to dry each flower between coats.

Now my flowers were very fragile, there is no way I could use them on a project – as they would just flatten. I

My Version Of The Tin Foil Flowers Using Tim Holtz’s Tattered Florals Die, Glimmer Mist and UTEE.

decided to add another step to make them more durable and I love the way they turned out. I

  • melted some UTEE in a bowl in my frypan and then dipped the flowers into it – my version of a melting pot. I used my tweezers to hold them and any UTEE that stuck on my tweezers just peels off when it cools.
  • let the flowers cool on my non-stick craft mat – it doesn’t take long for them to set.
  • then I gave them a blast with my heat gun to even out the coat of utee – this also lets you do any last minute petal adjustments. Any UTEE that comes off onto the craft mat can just be put back into the bowl and re-melted for next time
  • The last step on the dark pink flower was to add some beads while the UTEE in the centre of the flower was still melted - when the UTEE set it sticks the beads in place. You can use a brad or button if you prefer.


This gives them a glass like appearance and sets the petals where I wanted them to stay. Next time I will try more layers of foil to see if this also makes them more sturdy. Hope you like them.

Click to see more flowers.


Kaye xoxo


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