I love this rose made by Odonata Creations using Prima E-Line flowers – hydrangeas. It was originally demonstrated by Marion Smith on the Prima U-Stream Channel. So quick and easy but looks great.

You will need:

  • 3 small and 3 large Prima E-Line hydrangeas – you can use any of the E-line flowers but the hydrangeas are my favourites
  • quick dry glue or glue gun
  • glimmer Mist – Dazzling Diamonds (or water), Burnt Red and Cherub Pink
  • paint brushes
  • heat gun


  • start with the first small hydrangea and apply glue down the side of one petal and adhere the next petal to it. Continue until all the petals are joined and it forms a cup shape.
  • take the second small hydrangea and make the centre bud by overlapping the petals, squeeze it on the bottom and when you like the shape you can glue into the centre of the first hydrangea
  • take the third small hydrangea and put a small dob of glue in the centre and then add the other 2 pieces, off-setting the petals
  • repeat the last step with the next three large hydrangea petals to form the rose
  • now paint the rose with the cherub pink glimmer mist
  • with a finer paint brush, paint around the edges of each petal with burnt red glimmer mist to define the petals of the rose.
  • give the flower a spray with dazzling diamonds glimmer mist (or water in a mister will also work), so that the 2 colours bleed together,
  • then dry the flower using your heat gun. Use your hand to lift and mould the petals as you dry the flower.


  • I love Odonata Creations tip about placing your glimmer mist in a cup when using it to paint so that it can’t spill.
  • I think the E-line flowers may be discontinued, but you can use any flowers with this technique.

My Flowers Made With This Technique 


These are the fowers I made.

I didn’t have 2 sizes of hydrangeas so I just used 6 of the same size (Green flower). I followed the same steps except for the second and third layers from the centre of the flower – I made them the same but overlapped the petals a little more on the second layer. I used Apple and Olive Vine glimmer mist to colour the flower.

I used a 5 petal mulberry paper flower for the second flower, which gave a totally different look! To colour, I used Strawberry Shortcake Chalkboard and Indian Corn glimmer mist.


Click, if you want to see more flower making videos.


K xoxo

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