Fringed flowers are so easy to make, they match you project because you can use left over papers, you can make them any size you like and they have big ‘wow’ factor. What’s even better is that you can use the same technique for fabric fringe flowers – they look great in knits, satin, fleece, felt and organza. How cool is that! ;-) In the video Vadeler shows us how to make a fringed fabric flower, but I used this same technique to make a paper version. You can also see her making a version where she uses buttons and pearls to form the centre of the flower. There is also instructions for an altered fringe flower.

You need:

  • paper – I used 1 inch x12 inches for my flower
  • paper trimmer
  • scissors
  • glue – I used glossy accents but 450 or hot glue would work well


  • cut your paper/fabric and fold in half length-ways
  • Vadeler then glues her open edges together, but i usually don’t worry about this step if I put a crease in the fold. This is a good tip though if you want to leave the folded edge loopy.
  • now cut from the folded edge towards the open edge -Martha Stewart fringe scissors are great for this – but I don’t have any so just use my normal pointy end ones.
  • put a 2 inch line of glue along the cut edge and start to roll
  • continue to glue and roll, keeping the bottom edge even
  • once the glue dries, you can turn it over and fluff it out


  • I love this tip by Vadeler – ink the edged of about 3 inches to form a coloured centre
  • you can then take this one step further if you love distressing and grunge up the whole flower – would look great in some of Tim Holtz’s resist kraft or Graphic 45 papers

    Paper Fringe Flower

  • I usually draw a line about 1/4 inch from the open edged so I know how far to cut – this doesn’t matter on fabric but on paper, the flowers will open up unevenly if not all cuts are the same length
  • i use my tweezers to start the roll in the centre
  • I don’t glue my whole open edge of the flower – just the beginning, a few places in the centre and the end

If you are interested, you can check out videos on how to make other flowers here.


Kaye xoxo


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