Fringed flowers are so easy to make and this is the third in the series – fringe flower with a centre – and don’t forget you can use the same techniques for making them in fabric.  In the video Vadeler shows us how to make a fringed flower with a button centre and shows an example with a pearl centre. You can also see her making a version with no centre out of fabric and the second post is an altered fringe flower.


You need:

  • paper –  2 inch at one end and 1 inch at the other (Vadeler used 11 inches long but I usually use 12 inches – cut from the edge of scrap cardstock)
  • paper trimmer
  • scissors
  • 1/8 inch double sided tape
  • glue – I used glossy accents but 450 or hot glue would work well
  • centre – a button or pearl


  • cut your paper and distress by crumpling, then fold in half length-ways
  • Vadeler then glues her open edges together, but i usually don’t worry about this step if I put a crease in the fold. This is a good tip though if you want to leave the folded edge loopy.
  • now cut from the folded edge towards the open edge – Martha Stewart fringe scissors are great for this – but I don’t have any so just use my normal pointy end ones.
  • put a 2 inch line of double sided tape along small end (1 inch) of the cut edge and start to roll around the button
  • continue to glue and roll, keeping the bottom edge even
  • when you get to the end – stick or tape the end to the bottom of the button – this will stop the end being visible on your flower – this is only necessary on flowers where the paper is larger at one end
  • once the glue dries, you can turn it over and fluff out the flower and push it flat.

    This Is My Fringe Flower With A Button Centre


  • Vadeler suggests using a button as a centre for a flatter flower i.e. suitable for you scrap projects
  • you can ink up the edges of the whole flower if you love distressing and grunge – would look great in some of Tim Holtz’s resist kraft or Graphic 45 papers
  • I usually draw a line about 1/4 inch from the open edged so I know how far to cut – this doesn’t matter on fabric but on paper, the flowers will open up unevenly if not all cuts are the same length
  • I don’t glue my whole open edge of the flower – just the beginning, a few places in the centre and the end

If you are interested, you can check out other videos on how to make other flowers here.


Kaye xoxo

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