I am often asked how I got into scrapbooking. My story, I guess is probably very similar to many of you. As a hoarder I had always kept all the bits that went along with the great experiences in my life – movie tickets, theatre programs, invitations etc but never quite knew what to do with them.

Around 2001, I was staying with my mum when she returned home after an operation on her back. When she was a bit more mobile I drove her to her favourite card making store to get some paper. It was here I saw my first real scrapbook. I was enthralled – while mum looked at paper and stamps, I looked through the pages of this scrapbook. I was hooked and when I returned home I took all of my photos out of my old albums and organized them in shoe boxes. I had the desire but didn’t quite know where to go from there. A little while later Mum mentioned her friend Edith had a daughter, Bette, who was a Creative Memories consultant and was willing to drive the 3 hours to get to my small town. Bette did an amazing job of introducing my friends and I to scrapbooking – telling us all about acid free, archival safe and the basics to get us started on our scrapbooking layouts. I will always be grateful to her and Creative Memories.

How did you get into scrapping? I’d love to hear your story . . .

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