Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate

I have had such a great weekend, just me and my paints and my Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate. On Saturday I just played  - printing pages and experimenting and then on Sunday I pulled apart a new spiral bound  art journal and printed the pages, front and back.   Because it’s is mono-printing, it is still a bit of a cr@p shoot, cause you never quite know what you are going to get and if you get something really great, well, chances are you won’t be able to replicate it ;-( The good thing is you can just keep going until you get something you like. If you want to see some techniques have a look at Mixed-Media or my Pinterest Board on gel printing.


First Page Of My Art Journal 




The front page of my journal is a great example of this – i really didn’t like how it turned out, but i thought I would start playing with it and then I ended up using it as my first page as I was so so happy with it. The print was very ho hum, so I toned it down with a coat of cream paint. Then I ripped out 3 pages of my new market acquisition (Selected Poems of Robert Browning) and roughly ripped them into circles and stuck them on. I painted over them with a light coat of white gesso and dried it with my heat tool. Lastly I drew in some flowers and leaves with red and black india ink. What do you think?






Here are some of the other prints I ended up with. They are a great start for an art journal page or for collage pieces. I included instructions below, which will show some of the techniques I used.

Gelli Print 1


Gelli Print 2 Using A Gel Printing Plate










Gelli Print 3











Print 1

  • brayer green colours over the gel plate and then put the hexagon stencil on followed by paper and brayer to transfer the design
  • dry the print
  • brayer the second layer of purple colours over the gel plate and use a soft scrapper to draw a design. Lay the paper edges (bit by bit) on the plate and brayer to get the design to form a frame

Print 2

  • brayer red, mango and tan colours over the gel plate and then put on the Lattice stencil
  • used a ball tool to out line some of the patterns
  • stamp over the stencil
  • place paper over and brayer and put this print aside
  • remove the stencil and then add paper for this print
  • draw around one side of the shape with a white paint pen

Print 3

  • brayer colour onto the gel plate and press bubble wrap onto the gel plate
  • brayer paper over the gel plate  and then repeat – this is the second print


  • spiral bound art journals are great to work with as you can turn to the last page and pull apart the spiral to remove the pages and then put it all back together after you finish working  - whether it is  tomorrow or next year!


  • Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate
  • The Crafter’s Workshop Hexagon Stencil
  • Prima Lattice Stencil
  • LaBlanche Stamp – Invitation To Mira
  • Kaisercraft Paints
  • Posca White Acrylic Paint Pen
  • Dr Ph Martin’s India Inks
  • Liquitex White Gesso

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