I looovvve scrapbooking, I’m totally addicted (although my family have used the word obsessed on more than one occasion). However due to an illness a few years back, I had to retire for medical reasons, so you could say this put a dampener on my spending. I still love to see and use all the new papers and products, only now I have to be a lot more selective in what I spend my money on. This sent me on a search for the things I didn’t have to pay for, so below is some of the fruits of my research ;-)


Using Different Fonts In A Title


1. Fonts

  •  there are lots of sites out there with free fonts to download so you should never have to pay for them.
  • some of these sites will have free and commercial fonts, so make sure you are searching in free fonts section
  • if you’re looking for a particular font, it’s better to do a Google search and see if it’s available free
  • Below are some examples
    • Acid Fonts – 1000s of free fonts to download
    • ACME make dymo labels in the font and color you select – you then just right click and copy into a word document and print
    • Da Font – 1000s of free fonts to choose from
    • Empire Fonts – search by font categories e.g. hand writing
    • High Fonts – 1000s of free fonts
    • Little Scrapbook Shop – lots of fonts organized under categories
    • Love to Know – font ideas for children’s pages
    • 1001 Free Fonts – 1000s of free fonts




  • Creating Keepsakes – quotes, titles and journaling tips for Grandparents day at school
  • Creativity Prompt – has prompts designed to spark ideas for journaling
  • Denny Davis – great quote and poem site – it’s broken up into categories so it’s easy to search for what you’re looking for i.e. page ideas, how to make a journaling jar, links to lyrics sites
  • Elle’s Studio has a great journaling downloadable book. At the beginning it focuses on your own journaling and how to tell your stories. It then interviews a number of top designers and they talk about why journaling is important to them and how they go about it
  • Kaisercraft – tips for journaling
  • Lit Quotations– you can search literary quotes by title, author or topic

    Using a Quote As Part Of My Journaling (Gotta Love Dr Suess)

  • The Quotations Page – search quotes by author and subject
  • Quote Land – quotes by topic and author
  • Scrapbook.com – quotes organized into categories
  • Scrapbook.com – poems organized into categories
  • Scrapbook Crazy – filed under categories for easy reference
  • Scrapbooking Gems – article prompts for journaling
  • Stickers’N’Fun a great sources for quotes, sayings and poems
  • The Fun Times Stamping and Scrapbook – journaling tips
  • The Little Scrapbook Shop has links to lots of quotes all under sub-headings so they’re easy to find
  • Wisdom Quotes – search for authors and topics in the right hand column

Hope you find these links helpful.

Kaye xoxo