Dylusions – Ghosting

In this video Dyan Reaveley demonstrates a technique called ghosting using her Dylusions products. She develops an interesting background by using the inks in a number of different ways – spraying, ghosting, spritzing through a stencil and stamping with the ink sprays.

You will need:

  • 3 colour Dylusions Spray Inks (Dyan uses Bubble Gum Pink, Squeezed Orange and Lemon Zest)
  • 2 pieces of cartridge paper / art journal
  • Dylusions Stencils
  • Water Mister
  • Paper towel
  • Heat gun
  • Background stamps
  • Non-stick craft mat


  • spray your piece of paper with the mister
  • then spray puddles of colour onto the paper using the 3 ink colours
  • add another spray of water over the top
  • move the page around so the colours run and blend – if it doesn’t run you need to add more water and ink
  • now shut the book or layer another piece of paper over the page to use the extra ink and create a second background page
  • then wipe up the excess with a tag and clean up with the paper towel
  • place a stencil on the page and spritz with water, then lift the stencil and flip it over and place it on another area so you are getting a positive and negative image – this is the ghosting technique
  • take the kitchen paper and soak the excess water – as the inks are reactive with water, it also takes some of the ink away
  • now dry with a heat gun before adding any more ink, otherwise the colours will start to bleed
  • in the next step, Dyan lays a stencil on the page and spritzes with ink. She then picks up the stencil and flips it over again to blot the ink off the stencil and give a positive and negative image
  • then blot with the paper towel
  • the last layer is a stamped layer using the inks. Spray the ink onto your non-stick craft mat and run the stamp through the ink. Roll parts of the stamp onto the page and then blot

You can also use the same techniques for any of the water reactive inks i.e distress inks, distress stains etc so if bright colours aren’t your thing, you can still use the same techniques.

Also, two other technique videos by Dyan you might want to take a look at, are bleach out and shadow stamping. And you can chick on the link to check out other scrapbooking technique videos.


Kaye xoxo

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