Dylusions – Bleach Out

This is a really cool technique and looks amazing. In this video Dyan Reaveley demonstrates the bleach out technique using her Dylusions ink sprays and stamps.

You will need:

  • black and 1 other lighter colour Dylusions Ink Spray
  • 2 pieces of cartridge paper
  • open pattern stamp – any stamp with an outline and open area inside
  • black ‘Archival Ink’ Stamp Pad
  • water pen
  • pipette
  • water mister
  • paper towel
  • heat gun


  • spray the paper with the lighter ink in the bottom left hand corner and then fill in the rest of the space on the page with the black ink. Use enough spray so that the ink puddles and moves around.
  • place another piece of paper over the page to mop up the extra ink – this also gives you the first layer for another page
  • mop up any extra with tags and clean up with paper towel
  • stamp an open pattern image across the top and right hand sides with the permanent ink
  • use the water brush to paint inside the pattern of the stamp, a little at a time, and then blot with paper towel. this lifts the black out of the pattern
  • you only need to to do this once – if you continue to wet the paper,  it will pill or rip
  • lightly dry the area with your heat gun or it will bleed when you add more colour
  • use a pipette to fill an empty water brush with the lighter colour – Dyan demonstrates how to do this at the end of the video.
  • now use the colour filled water brush to paint the design back in – you don’t need to be too precise
  • Dyan also shows some examples of other pages she’s done using the same technique
    • with other colours
    • on tags
    • without filling the lighter colour back in
    • and one where she outlines the pattern in white pen

This is so effective, I’d love to see your projects using this technique – put a link in the comments!

Other videos by Dyan that you might like to check out are ghosting and shadow stamping. You can also click on the link to see other stamping and technique videos.


Kaye xoxo


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