Family PhotoThis is my favorite photo of my family. It was taken a few years ago (not saying how long) on my birthday. My name is Kaye Grieve and I live in small town called Tin Can Bay, Australia with my husband. We have a grown-up daughter and son that I love very much, and my family is the most important thing to me. Jess has wonderful partner (husband now) and Nick is at Uni – they have both grown up to be very fun, loving and responsible adults despite my and my husband’s parenting skills ;-) 
I love love loooove scrapbooking but over the years, I have tried and enjoyed all sorts

A more recent photo.

of craft, but scrapbooking is the thing that has stuck. I guess it’s the fact that it is a creative outlet while documenting our family history. If you have read the blog about my Pa, you will understand why I am so passionate about it.So why the website? At the end of 2009, I became very ill with an auto-immune disease (I have had it for many years and had it mostly under control), so sick in fact, I had to retire from my job. I couldn’t do anything for many months but as I started to improve, I started to scrap again. With a limited income, I started to look for ways of saving money on my scraping so I could still buy the products I really loved and couldn’t do without. As my skills and knowledge increased, I thought there are lots of time poor scrappers who could benefit from my research. So this website is about being able to create great pages and projects on a budget. By making some of your own embellishments, you can still afford to buy the products you love. So I am scouring the net and especially YouTube to put all the best ‘how to’ videos and tutorials in one place. Make sure you let me know if you find something I should include.

Although focusing on scrapbooking, many of the techniques and tips also apply to card making.  I have lots of friends who do both – they started in card making and then moved to scrapbooking and are able to incorporate a lot of the same skills and techniques. I also love mixed media and incorporating it into my scrapping, so you will find some video on this topic as well.

If you have any questions please email me. You can view my gallery at and you can also find me on facebook and pinterest.


Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you find it useful.

Kaye xoxo